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Dannii Harwood
Dannii Maid Marion

Maid Marion longed to leave her father's house for the life of an outlaw with Robin and his band, but she knew she was too useful as a spy in the councils of the barons and sheriffs. So she had to make do with slipping out of the manor for midnight assignations, stolen kisses and whispered secrets. It was inevitable that eventually someone would follow her... report her to the sheriff. She had counted on her father's influence to save her, but the sheriff was far too cunning to openly accuse her- instead, he just had a band of his thugs disguised as bandits kidnap her and drag her out to their camp in the woods. He would use her kidnap and disappearance as further evidence of the need to crush Robin and the outlaws! Could she make good her escape? Would Robin come to her rescue? Or would the soldiers have their wicked way with her before murdering her, another casualty in the game between nobles and outlaws?....
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