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Dannii Harwood
Dannii Silk Scarf Self Bondage

Dannii was feeling playful and a bit kinky, so I just handed her some pink silk scarves and told her to get on with it! First she bound her ankles, then her knees, then gagged herself... hmmm, you seem to be awfully practised at this, Dannii! You SURE you aren't into bondage?Dannii had done quite a good job of tying herself in the silk scarves for me, but there's only so much you can do on your own... and I thought she really needed to have her elbows and hands tied together behind her back! I think she agrees with me... although it is a bit hard to tell through that gag! What do you think, Dannii? MMMPH? I think that means "can I come out now?" I don't think so... I've got plans for you!....
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