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Janey: Melting The Ice

Shooting the first set with a new model is always tricky. How do you go about breaking the ice? How do you find out what she thinks about bondage? Is she a lifestyle submissive who has been doing it for years, or a glamour model trying it for the first time? Is she going to love it or hate it... or look like she's hating it but really loving it? Is she going to be a clock-watching give-me-my-money-I'm-outta-here sort of girl or the sort who puts in lots of energy and effort and thought into everything we shoot? In some ways this set with stunning new model Janey shows how it feels when you do the first shots. I set up the lighting with a cold backlight and a much warmer and softer key light in front. Stark black backdrop, white sheepskin rugs on the floor in a pool of light. Was Janey going to melt the cold feeling of the set, or was she going to be a real ice-queen? The way that gorgeous, daring electric pink dress leaps out should give you a bit of clue... and the cute way she just couldn't resist smiling when the ropes came out and she was having fun finding out she could and couldn't move should complete the picture! Janey was brilliant to shoot with, energetic, full of life and full of fun. Now come on, who could possibly have resisted adding a colour-co-ordinated pink ballgag to fill Janey's mouth? For the second half of the set, I decided to use some different lighting. It pays to experiment, sometimes. We'd got a set in the bag with what I thought was the best overall light- one spot flash with a blue gel over it behind, and a softbox in front. I liked the contrast between the slightly cool, harsh light from the spot and the warm, draping, liquid light from the softbox. So I decided to see what would happen if I lit Janey with just one or the other. As you can see, the results are both striking and different.
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