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Sammie B
Sammie B Sales Bitch

This new sales director think she's the hottest thing in high heels. She's fucked her way through every level of the boardroom, finally rising to the top on a tide of middle management's lustful outpourings. Trouble is, she may be shit hot in the sack, but at her job she's just plain shit. But she wasn't nervous, giving her first sales proposal talk to the CEO- after all, the CEO was a man like any other! It started out quite promisingly. She wore her shortest skirt and her tightest satin blouse, glasses instead of contacts so she could peer over them and give the arms a blow-job as she dangled them. A couple of bouncy balls to roll around suggestively in her hands... he was bound to like her! But she had underestimated exactly how cold and ruthless a son-of-a-bitch he was. Sure, he was going to fuck her... but he was going to have some fun with her first, and he was going to teach her her place in no uncertain terms! Out came the bondage tape, into her mouth went one of the bouncy balls, and he set about teaching her a lesson. Fuck the boss all you like, but you'd better be good at your job too!
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