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Elle P
Elle, Belle and the Chocolate!

I had a request on the forum for some really upbeat happy bondage photos where the girls were definitely happy to be there. We'd just shot another set with Elle and Belle on some new backgrounds which we'd spent hours sewing up at the weekend... and Angela, my makeup artist came down to see what we were doing. "Oh" she said. "It looks lovely! It looks like an advert for Galaxy Caramel!" And with that, the idea for the upbeat happy bondage set sprang to life. I dashed around to the shop to acquire a sackful of chocolate while the girls got changed, then clapped them in irons and let them loose on the chocolate! If there's one thing I do know, the way to a woman's heart is through her cholocate cravings. Mind you, they made rather too short work of getting into the first bars... maybe I should make the job a bit more difficult for the next one? The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach... but the way into a girl's knickers is through her lust for chocolate! Elle and Belle had devoured the first batch of bars, so I added thumbcuffs, more handcuffs and some rigid cuffs to try to make it harder. But the chocolate craving wasn't going to be stopped by a few bits of metal, and they had soon got stuck into yet more of my chocolates. There was nothing for it, I would just have to take it off them. You should have seen the filthy looks I got when I took the chocolate away! They even tried to come after me, despite being handcuffed to each other! In the end I relented and let them have just one more Galaxy Ripple... between them. I opened the bar, made them kneel in front of me, and put one end in each of their mouths...

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