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Janey And The Sorceror

She was an uncommonly good thief. Quick, quiet, stealthy, sneaky... nothing was beyond her. She had stolen the blind god's eye, taken the jewel of Jehar from the under the very nose of the high priest, slipped through the midnight maze of the king of Akkara like a shadow. Surely there would be no challenge in the caves of the Sorcerer? She crept through the tangled woods that masked the cave entrance quiet as the wind, not disturbing the magical beasts who slumbered at the cave mouth. She tiptoed on soft bare feet through the twisted roots of the snaggletape vines and strangleweed, slipped her slender, leather-clad frame through the narrow corridor that led direct to the Sorcerer's inner sanctum, where his treasure surely rested... A flash of light. Stars dervish dancing around her, tendrils of pastel fire wrapping tight around her struggling limbs, magical streamers pulling her off her feet, levitating her, bringing her direct to the Sorcerer himself. "Foolish child! To think that a street thief like you could defeat the watching magics of my cave! Did you really think you would steal from ME? No matter... I have a need for some fine young female flesh. I have an experiment, a beast, a golem of such potency that the world will tremble beneath its feet and beg to call me master. But the beast has... appetites...."
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