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Dannii Harwood
Dannii Harwood - Maid to pay

Dannii was cleaning up the mansion after a party when she found the stash of porn. She'd always wondered what the lady of the house got up to with all her rich bitch friends... from the look of what was in the mag, it was some down and dirty girl-on-girl action! Wow! Dannii wasn't usually attracted to girls, but she to admit the girls in the magazine were pretty hot! She took off her gloves and slid down her stockings, all the while looking at those so-so-so-hot photos... until the Mistress of the Mansion came back and found her with her fingers buried in her pussy instead of doing the dishes! Uh-oh, she was in real trouble now. Dannii had been wanking instead of working... over her mistress' lesbian porn! When she was caught wet-fingered, there was nothing for it but to tie her up as a punishment! And maybe her Mistress would introduce her to the pleasures of lesbian love before letting her go... :-)
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