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Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee - Punished Princess

All the guards in the palace knew the princess was a slut. She was as out of control as the lowest drunken gutter wench, more scheming than the worst of the ladies at court, and it really didn't pay to cross her. She made their lives hell... and wasn't shy about taking her pleasure with any man or woman in the palace guard she took a fancy to! Fortunately when her vile and venal father was finally deposed by the council of Dukes, and King Henry was crowned, she was removed from the succession... and thrown to the long-suffering royal guards for a little sport... Hywel's note: This set was shot with Ashley way back in 2002 on my second trip to L.A.. We originally shot sets exclusively for our individual sites, but Ashley recently emailed me and said why didn't we swap so we could show our members all the work we did? So these shots are courtesy of Ashley Renee, but photographed by me. Hope you like them!

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