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Samantha Olivia Paige
Samantha - The Honeypot

Please welcome back the gorgeous Samantha! Fresh from her triumph in our bondage X-factor competition, I asked her back for a full-day shoot and asked members on the forum to come up with some requests- this is what we came up with!

She had her suspicions about what was going on behind that heavy steel fire-door. Pretty girls coming and going, deliveries of strange looking objects heavily wrapped, and sometimes outgoing shipments of suspiciously people-shaped parcels with breathing tubes attached! She just had to know what was going on! And this was her chance! Someone hadn't closed the door all the way! A moment's work with a stout screwdriver and she was in!

She slipped through the heavy door and shut it carefully behind her. The lights were low, but she could see a cornucopia of kink and fetish equipment laid out before her! Cages, whips, chains, paddles, manacles, cuffs, collars, gags... how exciting! She hadn't ever admitted to anyone that she wanted to try bondage, it was scary enough even to admit it to herself. But here, right on her doorstep, was what looked like a real dungeon! She felt like Goldilocks in the lair of the three bears. That cage was a bit big... but this one was just right! Felt like it could have been made for her!

Dog leads, paddles, collars, cuffs... she coudl resist no longer. She had to try on a collar. Spank her bum with a spiked paddle (but ever so gently! God that must really hurt if someone hit you with it properly!) And what's this? Heavy cuffs padlocked to shackles in the ceiling! Gosh, you'd never get out of those!


The cuffs had somehow snapped shut around her wrist! She'd just been looking, and suddenly they were locked... and they felt tight, too! Where the hell were... she looked over at the table... and went cold.

No keys.

Not one.

They were going to come back, and they were going to find her here. Locked up in their dungeon. She was suddenly terrified... and unspeakably excited!

Well since she was stuck and going nowhere, perhaps... perhaps she should go the whole hog! She locked the second cuff about her other wrist.

Then the ankle cuffs seemed to spring up and lock themselves fast! She was stuck for sure now!

Now what the hell what she going to do? She had no idea what had possesed her to even come in here, let alone to start playing with all the whips and chains. And now she was stuck here, locked in steel and no key in sight... and certainly not in reach. What was she going to say when they came back and found her here?

But still, there was a certain something about the way it felt to be so totally, deliciously helpless... to be waiting here knowing that when they came back she was going to have a very humiliating admission to make... maybe they would even PUNISH her for breaking in?

Now where on earth did THAT thought come from? She thought as she shook her head, trying to clear the confusion from her mind.

The slam of the heavy fire door jolted her from her thoughts. They were back!

'Well look what we have here!' said the man.

'Oh, it's that nosy little bitch from across the way!' said the tall, icy blone by his side. 'I've seen her snooping around, we must have left the firedoor open.'

Samantha started to explain but she found herself totally tongue-tied.

'Hey, I think she likes it... you know what, she's got quite a set of curves on her under there. Honey, why don't we take a closer look?' said the blonde, and handed the man a pair of safety scissors...

As the blonde watched on, the man took the safety scissors and starting cutting Samantha's clothes to ribbons! He methodically worked his way around, cutting so as to reveal, a scissor striptease rather than a business-like snip-snip.

Samantha finally found her voice. 'What the HELL do you think you're doing? Let me out of here right now! You can't cut my clothes off, you pervert! And you, you... bitch! You're worse than he is!'

'Pretty lippy for someone caught red-handed breaking and entering, don't you think, honey?' said the man. 'Bring me one of those scarves, I can't hear myself think!'

'What? What are you gonna do with that? NO WAY, mister! No way is that going in my ... mpppph!'

'Hey, she's quite a performer. What do you think... see her in a starring role in our next production?' said the blonde... as she got out the camera and started to shoot!

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