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Samantha Olivia Paige
Samantha Olivia-Paige - How Interesting!

Different girls have different reactions to getting tied up. Some like it, some don't. Some get turned on, some like to snuggle into the hug of the ropes, some like to fight and kick and struggle. And some are just unbearably curious about the whole experience! Samantha is definitely one of the latter. She was bombarding me with questions about the knots, how the tie would look, and all interspersed with what seemed to be her catchphrase for the day 'Oooooh! How Interesting!!'

Ahhhh, the strappado. A lovely tie, especially when it forces her to stand on tiptoes and bend forward! A great suggestion from members on the forum for what to do to Samantha on her Bondage X Factor winner's shoot!

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