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Sammie B
Ariel and Sammie Dancing cheek-to-cheek... or gag-to-gag!

The birthday party had been going full-swing all day. Amsterdam Mariott threw the best parties, everyone knew that. Breakfast with bucks fizz, and free-flowing cristal from lunchtime on! All the IT-girls were there, heiresses and celebs, and of course a generous helping of handsome hunks didn't hurt!

But there were always gate crashers. No-one knew how these two had sneaked in, the mansion was high security! Probably came in with the catering staff and changed in the kitchens. But security chief Grissom could spot a fake Versace dress at a hundred paces... he swiftly escorted the two interlopers out to the gardens, so as not to disturb the real guests.

He gave them a choice. He could kick them out and get them charged with trespassing... or he'd let them stay if they agreed to be a kinky party piece for some of the more... decadent guests. And Security Chief Grissom, of course!

It wasn't much of a choice, was it? OK so they might get tied up and displayed in front of the celebs, but they'd been planning on getting their tits out and getting groped by a few famous faces anyway. The who cheek-to-cheek gag-to-gag thing was scary, though! They had to be very careful how they moved because they really didn't want to damage each other's dental work!

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