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Ashley Renee
Ridden Hard and put away wet

He did love to ride, and to hunt. Most days he was off across the fields on his favourite filly, hunting game for dinner or just for sport. Trouble was, she liked sport too, and she wasn't getting too much of it. So after a month devoid of so much as a fondle from her lord and master, she decided that what she really needed was a bit of rough treatment from one of the lower order. Someone like that husky-voiced stablehand? Mmmm. So she invited him up to her room while her husband was off on the hunt one day. She tumbled him like a tavern trollop. She licked, she sucked, and most of all she fucked. Day after day, week after week, her husky-voiced man pleasured her in the ways her husband no longer bothered to do. Until one day he returned home early from the hunt and spied her on the bed, making eyes at the servant as if she were the cheapest of sluts after his copper pennies. Barely believing his eyes, he waited outside their bedchamber and watched as the serf's rough, calloused hands caressed his wife's perfect skin. Just as he was preparing to drop his britches, the lord of the manor decided he had seen enough. He burst into the room, hurled the servant bodily out of the window and rounded on his faithless wife. She was terrified. Never had she seen him so enraged! She waited for his shouts, his bluster, but he was ice cold... and his silence scared her more deeply than any words ever could. In silence, he bound her to the bed, spread her legs, revealed the wetness of her sex, slick with desire. He raised his riding crop, still wet with the sweat of his favourite filly. The first blow was almost gentle, tentative. The second was vicious. The third was applied with the full strength of his right arm. He lashed his screaming, faithless wife about the buttocks, the soles of her feet, the wetness between her legs. He gagged her to muffle the worst of her screams. Then he indicated to her that she must strip. His cock was engorged with lust for her, and he vowed that no man would touch her again save for himself. As she stripped naked before him, he recalled why it was that he had married her. The possessive rage took him once again, and he bound her stretched out between the corners of the four-poster bed, that he might impale her helpless softness upon his rampant weapon! As he entered her, more roughly than ever her stablehand had dared to, she sighed in contentment. All she wanted was a man to master her, to ride her, to have her as his favourite mount!

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