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Sammie B
Sammie B - Rough Justice

Justice is pretty rough and ready our here on the frontier, Ma'am. You'll find we don't take kindly to people stealin' or cheatin'. We tend to drive 'em out of town, naked as the day they was born. It's a long walk to Cactus Gulch, and I suggest you get a-going. You might just make it there, you being a lady and all we left you your hat and your boots. Most folks don't get so lucky, and it's a tough man indeed can walk all that way in the burnin' sun. Of course, what they'll make of you in Cactus GUlch I wouldn't like to imagine. Pretty girl like you walking into town all naked and handcuffed like that... they'll probably put you right to work. On your back in the cathouse, same as all the other thievin' whores... Now go on, get!

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