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Lilth's Bedroom Fantasy

Last but not least in our trio of new models this month is Siberian stunner Lilith, very ably captured by the camera and chains of Alexander Lightspear. The sumptuous surroundings of the elegantly appointed apartment and the sensuous feel of the satin bed-sheet on her skin seemed to send her in raptures of bondage fantasy... let's see what she has in mind, shall we?

As her mind drifted off into erotic daydreams of whips and chains and strong arms holding her down, Lilith realised that there was something missing from her self-bondage fantasy- in her dreams she wanted her captor to gag her! Only then would her feeling of being a helpless vessel for his lusts be complete, her mouth filled with tight tied satin that would only be removed when he was ready to replace the gag with something bigger and harder....

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