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Sammie B
VIDEO: Ariel - Sammie: Village Rivals

Ariel always thought of herself as a patron of the village. After all, her family had lived here since the time of the very first Baron. Wrong side of the blanket, admittedly, not at the manor, but very much OF the manor. Indeed, the social whirl of village life rather centred around her. She didn't always win the vegetable growing competition, or the cookery, or the jam making, but she was always in the top three. She likd to think there was a sense of tradition to it all.

Until Miss Noveau-Rich bloody Bradley moved to the village, with her fake Parisian vinagrette and her oh-so-widely-travelled tan and her impossibly perfect cucumbers that just HAD to have been grown in fetiliser (or possibly even BOUGHT. These Noveau types will stop at nothing, you know...)

Ariel resolved to show Miss Bradley the error of her ways. A rope, a ball-gag souvenir from her tour of Morocco, and the knowledge that the regional head of the W.I. was coming to visit in about an hour... she was going to find Miss Bradley regrettably all tied up!

7.40 minutes (108.5 MB zip)

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