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Lilith - I'll just make a note of that

It was fair enough that the landlord should check up on the tenants hiring his flats, of course. No-one was saying that he shouldn't. But why did he have to send that tight-arse bitch Lilith?

When he came himself or sent someone else from the office, they'd always call a week or two in advance to let them know when they would be coming. But Lilith seemed to take great pleasure in following the letter of the lease agreement: she was supposed to give 24 hours notice, so 24 hours notice is what she gave. And since it didn't say what time the inspections should be, and people were usually in at night, she always called at 11 pm. Just to let them know that the next evening at 11:01 pm on the dot, she would be there, peering into every nook and cranny, making a note of every last teacup stain or dust bunny.

And she had eagle eyes behind those cold glasses. She spotted everything. Even the coil of rope that had slipped under the sofa after last night's bondage extravaganza, that they had been hoping to do again this evening- after all, it was his birthday. But no, Lilith was coming around to "make a note of the condition of the flat", so no chilled out evening in with a little kiny sex and bondage.

Or at least not until Anna suggested that they rope Lilith into their little game...!

Lilith was supposed to be inspecting the flat, but she decided to crash in on his birthday, and so the tenant and his girlfriend decided to teach her a lesson... and make her part of their kinky sex games! Tonight Lilith could just watch on the sofa in a nice tight hogtie... and maybe she could make some notes as to how energetic their sex life was in her black book before she left? Or she could have done if they had untied her....

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