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Sammie B
Ariel & Sammie: Bridezilla!

There wasn't actually a cash prize for Wedding of the Year. But oh my, the crowing points that the winner would accrue! She would be able to look down on everyone else's wedding, like, forever! So when things got to the finals, the dresses were made, and it was the day at the castle to immortalise those glorious gowns, it was maybe not a surprise that things turned a bit competetive.

Amelia had been attempting to hog the limelight all day. Of course, all the other brides-to-be had been trying, too, but Amelia was louder. And taller! So she usually managed to dominate any scene she could get near. But now it was the solo shoots, and time for the girls to give it their all on the castle lawn for the photographer.

Amelia had done her shots, and was supposed to move off to give Sammie her go. Of course, she was having none of that. She lurked around ungraciously in the background, trying to spoil Sammie's shots. She was soooo sweet and simpering! How dare she try to upstage Amelia?

The catfight was loud, vicious, dirty and entirely to be expected. Having done a few such reality shows in the past, the photographer had come prepared. Let's see how the ghastly bridezillas would get on when forced to act nice- by the expendient of chaining them to each other?

But the photographer had reckoned without the sheer bile and venom that the competition brought out in the girls. Pop stars? Feh. Dancers? Meh. You want to see real go-for-the-throat competition, you want to watch brides competing for the title of Wedding of the Year!

Fortunately, he had one more trick up his sleeve for a little peace and quiet on set- ballgags!

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