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Janey: Gone Missing!

If you are trying to infiltrate the estates of a noble old family to find out the gossip, you can do a lot worse than to start at the bottom. In this case, as a shepherdess. Janey was sure there was a story behind the high walls of the estate. Rumours abounded in the neighbouring villages. Girls disappearing, ancient laws not repealed, talk of depravity, sex slaves and debauchery... all juicy stuff for a journalist anxious to make her mark!

Unfortunately, the rumours were all true. And even more unfortunately for Janey, the farm overseer was quick to spot that this "farm girl" knew nothing about the farm, and as a shepherdess she managed to lose all her flock in the first two hours.

The punishments laid down in the ancient charters had not been reviewed since the middle ages. Which meant that Janey was about to find out exactly what sort of debauched sex slavery took place inside those high estate walls!

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