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Scarlett: Graduation Sacrifice

Scarlett's college had a strange tradition. Every year, the night before the end-of-term exam results were posted, the students would make a sacrifice to ensure good grades. One girl would be chosen for sentry-duty through the night, tied to the flagpole outside the main auditorium!

Poor Scarlett drew the short straw, so, dressed in nothing but her short satin nightie, she offered herself up to the other girls who took great delight in devising a new way of tying her to the flagpole (this was important - the same tie must never be used twice or the sacrifice wouldn't work, according to college superstition). After a bit of an argument, it was decided that perhaps the way they'd done it was a bit similar to the 1992 sacrifice (which they'd got a picture of from the yearbook). So one of the students had the bright idea of adding a ballgag, which had definitely never been tried before.

Tonight, everyone's grades were Scarlett's responsibility! And she was determined to see the ordeal through, however cold she got, and however uncomfortable the tight ropes and the big ballgag became...

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