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Scarlett: Artist's Muse

Scarlett had been hired as a surrealist painter's muse. Obviously, this was a huge honour, but the first session was, frankly, a bit surprising. Having hoisted her up to the ceiling by her wrists and secured one leg up off the ground too, he'd stepped back and looked at her without speaking for some time.

Then he'd set up his canvas, sighed happily and said "Ahhhhh, freedom! You must encapsulate freedom, even bound as you are. In fact, it is the bondage that makes you free. Understand?"

Scarlett certainly did not. Actually she thought it sounded pretty mental. Furthermore, from what she could see of his canvas, the painting he started to work on bore absolutely no resemblance to her, either tied up or not. What he seemed to be creating looked like a huge black mushroom to her.

So she decided to enjoy herself. He didn't seem to mind (or even notice) when she started swinging on the ropes and experimenting with the limits of her reach. All in all, Scarlett thought that being a surrealist's muse might be pretty fun.

She wasn't sure whether the gag he suddenly produced was a response to her having displeased him by moving around too much though....

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