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Scarlot Rose
VIDEO: Mrs. Winchester's Cakes

Running a small business is ever such hard work. It isn't the hours or the state of the economy so much as all the red tape you have to cope with. Mrs. Winchester has been running her home-made cakes business for a few months now and she's fed up with it all- fire blankets in the kitchen, health notices on the walls- it is political correctness gone mad! All to be allowed to sell a few yummy homemade cakes at the village hall!

So when the Health and Safety people sen a series of nosy, bossy, rude and objectionable health inspectors around to cause trouble, drastic measures are called for....

Hywel's Note: we really should have shot a sequel where Ariel's thoroughly mentalist posh cake making lady got what's coming to her! But actually this was inspired by the vile character from the "F.U.T.V." video so we'd kind-of retroactively given the character her much-deserved comeuppance :-)

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