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Sammie B
Sammie: Captured Virgin

'Great, well done, man. I told you to bring me back another virgin, and it looks as though you've done the job! Mmm, she's a pretty one, isn't she? Look at all that long, shiny hair - makes you want to take a nice handful of it and make her...

Anyway, there's no time for that. Let's get her properly tied up - I don't have the energy to fight with another panicky girl tonight and we have to get her processed and sent out of here before dawn. Hey - watch out! Yeah, the really virtuous ones always want to take a bite out of you - I don't know why. But I've got just the thing here; stuff that in her mouth and buckle it nice and tight behind her head - perfect. Now - get out of here and fetch me another; I'll look after her in the meantime, trust me...'

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