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The Elegance Network: Browsing Lilith: You call that a gag?
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Lilith: You call that a gag?

Well, the rope work doesn't seem too bad. I don't think I'll be getting out of here in a hurry. Won't stop me struggling around, you know, but it feels pretty secure. You did remember to tuck some of the knots away this time. Better, let's call it a seven out of ten. But what do you call that flouncy bit of ribbon? Surely not a gag? You jest! It'll not keep me quiet in the least!

Oh, it isn't really meant to be a gag. More a decoration. Like you do on Christmas presents. Or on things you are about to sell and want to present well. I know someone who would very much like to own you as a slave for a while... and who will certainly not put up with you topping from the bottom like I have!

And that silenced her much more effectively than a gag ever would have!

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