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Sammie B
BONUS: Sammie Bed Bound

Xmas out-takes: over the years I've tried lots of experimental fun ideas. Most worked. Some didn't, quite. I thought it was time to reveal a few out-take sets where I had a nice idea... but where my skillz as a photographer weren't yet up to realising the images I had in my head. Good learning experiences and great fun, if a bit loony!

This set is a perfectly normal cute set of Sammie bound barefoot on the bed. The only trouble was- it was shot in JPEG, and Steve and I didn't check the white balance settings. Net result- a much bluer tone than we'd planned. We'd also slightly over-exposed, which meant that some channels were clipping. So recovery was not going to happen just by twiddling the colour balance dial in post. In the end, I only warmed things up a touch- the main thing I did in post was slap a vignette over the top to concentrate attention on Sammie and tone down the most egregiously burned-out highlights on the bed and backdrop.

What I learned: shoot RAW, not JPEG. If you make a mistake, you've got more chance of recovering it (and that was true even for the early dSLR's). With modern dSLRs you also have vastly increased dynamic range, colour space and colour resolution. The downside is the required storage space- when disk space was expensive, it was a real issue for me, which is the reason I stuck with JPEG longer than I should have. But by this point there was no excuse, and I made the move to RAW shortly thereafter.

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