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Sammie B
Sammie: Happy Harem Girl

Poor Sammie! Sold off to the wicked, cruel Sultan against her will, when she was just an innocent, virginal village girl already betrothed to a simple farm boy... Well, Sammie might have enjoyed fantasising about that, but obviously it couldn't be further from the truth. All the girls had been falling over themselves to get to the front when the Sultan's men came to the village in search of new serving maids for the palace. And Sammie still couldn't believe her luck that she'd been chosen - another girl had yanked out a handful of her lustrous hair in envious rage. Because of course, none of the village girls had any interest at all in the farm boys, they all wanted the Sultan, wicked and cruel or not.

And now here she was, decked out in jewels that'd been carefully chosen to match her eyes, and wrapped in golden, silken ropes. Perfection! And as for being innocent? Sammie wasn't sure what was coming, but she was absolutely determined that she was going to enjoy every second!

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