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Scarlot Rose
VIDEO: Hannah & Scarlot - The Mysterious Package

Living in a college hall of residence means that whoever gets to the door first signs for the parcels for everyone. This morning, Hannah happened to be in the communal kitchen when the post arrived. There was a most intriguing and exigent parcel... but sadly not for her! It was addressed to Scarlot. But look, there's a rip in the side. What IS that? Looks like some sort of leather strap. Surely no-one will notice if I just take a little peek...

"EXCUSE me! I think you'll find that's addressed to me, not to you! What do you think you are doing with my parcel?"

"Uhm, uh I, well..."

"Well, as you've clearly already seen, that's a ball-gag. It goes in one's mouth. Just like that, yes. And this is rope. Let me show you what that is for, since you are SOOOOO insatiably curious... and this is called a hogtie! Now as you've unwrapped something of mine, I think it is only fair that I should get to unwrap something, too, don't you? Oh, don't bother. No-one can hear you through the gag. That's the idea, you see!"

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