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The Elegance Network: Browsing Michelle Monroe: A Damsel in (Furious) Distress
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Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe: A Damsel in (Furious) Distress

Well, you would be distressed, wouldn't you? Invited to a party with your old university friend (who you'd always had a secret crush on), dressed in your most gorgeous ball gown, only to discover that since you last saw him he'd become some sort of VERY dodgy slave trader. And that you were his latest 'product'. He'd always been entrepreneurial (it was one of the most appealing things about him at university) but this was just appalling! Michelle's distress was heightened by fury when he pulled her top down, revealing her beautiful breasts, and instructed his lacky to start snapping pictures. Abysmal! How ungentlemanly! Michelle was determined to escape, but almost equally determined to show him just what she thought of his highly ungallant behaviour!

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