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Kacie James
Ariel and Kacie: Going With The Moment

Sometimes the best ideas come out of necessity. We'd been shooting in the dungeon and I happened to glance down the corridor. The sun, which had resolutely been lurking behind the clouds all day, was shining forth and the light in the conservatory was just gorgeous. I more or less bullied Ariel and Kacie into finishing their post-set cups of tea in record time and dragged them in to the conservatory. I knew we'd have a hour at most before the light disappeared, and probably less.

So I needed Ariel to come up with a pretty tie really fast. I think this front-back tie looks lovely, and the hairtie and rope gag combo was inspired! And of course Kacie pulled everything together and delivered smouldering eye contact and lots of glamour to the camera. Sometimes the stuff you just improvise on the spur of the moment feels the best!

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