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Lilith: Penthouse Raid

Poor Lilith really was just too sexy for her own good. Plenty of super-wealthy ladies lived lives of luxury in the city without attracting any undue attention. They paraded round in designer clothes, tripping from limo to restaurant to jewellry shop without causing trouble for themselves. And that's what Lilith did too. But she was slender, tall, ice-blonde and gorgeous, which meant that people noticed her. And sometimes, those people were dangerous....

Lilith had finished a long day. Her appointment at the beautician had lasted almost 3 hours, and she'd had to fit lunch with friends in immediately after, followed by a rushed trip to buy a ball gown for the weekend, then afternoon tea at the Grande Hotel. Finally, she was back in the penthouse, and looking forward to dinner being delivered at 8pm as it always was when she was home. Actually, a noise outside the door made her wonder if dinner had arrived early, perhaps. And then the door burst open - burglars!

Lilith had hardly understood what she was seeing before she found herself bundled onto the floor, handcuffed, hog-shackled and very dazed. From her position, she could see the three men emptying her possessions into her own designer suitcases. How dare they! Lilith started to struggle, as quietly as possible. Maybe she could get out and call the alarm before they finished in the bedroom....

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