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Kacie James
Kacie James: Come To Read The Meter

Oh, I've had it up to here with the damned Electric Company! Ten times they've failed to send someone to read the meter, the bills are for ten thousand pounds when we only moved in three months ago! I know it is a big estate darling, but really!

Phone them up and you get robot switchboard tennis, they put you through to a customer service rep and then you get cut off as soon as they pick up. Then they did send someone around to read the meter and they read it wrong. Finally got through to the supervisor, who said she'd come around to read our meter in person. About time too! My husband is an MP you know, and my brother is a very important police commissioner!

What? What do you mean we owe an extra two thousand pounds as well? I don't believe you! You're going in the cellars my girl, and you're staying there until I get a reasonable quote from your damned employers, or you alter the paperwork yourself!

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