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They are my favourite clients. Let's face it: accountancy is dead boring. Doing the figures for Joe Bloggs' carpet shop is about as soul-destroying as it sounds (and who thinks to themselves "I know! I'll spend my life selling carpets"? Joe Bloggs is about a dull a person as you might imagine, too). But I never mind the trip, because I know that his next door neighbours will have a much more interesting time for me!

You see, their business is kinkiness. They run kinky workshops, they host kinky dinner parties, they take kinky photos, and they sell kinky stuff on their web shop. As a diligent accountant, it behooves me to properly understand my clients' business. Like at Joe Bloggs, where I get to walk on various carpets and feel the thread count with my toes. Only here I get to find out what a ballgag is, how it is used, and exactly why they need to buy so many of them for their business. And why they go through SUCH a lot of rope....

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