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Lera White: Evidence-Based Policy

When the radicals got elected, not even their fellow Scandinavians expected them to conduct quite such a thorough cleansing of the statute books. No longer did ministers listen to the pressure groups or the perpetually indignant. Evidence, that was what they demanded. If you want something banned, produce evidence that it is harmful.

Minister Lera Svane was amongst the most prolific in striking down bad laws. And today, in the palace of justice, she was examining the laws pertaining to bondage, sadism, masochism and discipline. For years the perpetually indignant had claimed that people who were into BDSM were dangerous, or sick, or violent, or a threat. The numbers simply didn't bear that out. In fact, it seemed that kinksters were, on average, happier than the rest of the population. Perhaps there was something in it. Minister Svane resolved to find out for herself! Of course, she knew that one personal anecdote didn't count a whit against the actual evidence, but still... why were the kinksters so happy? Is it something that one could learn? Maybe it wouldn't be for her, but there was an undeniable appeal in not having to be in charge ALL the time....

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