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Scarlot Rose
VIDEO: Scarlot - Bondage With Style

This video is one that sprang more or less fully formed into my mind, all at once. It's inspired by the black and white oh so stylish and chic perfume adverts that, at least in the UK, appear a month or two before Christmas like the harbinger of doom. I wanted to shoot something in that languid, oh so sexual style, dripping with sexual imagery and making the subject look oh so unbearably desirable but somehow also unapproachable, languid and sad.

As often happens when ideas spring so completely formed into my head, Ariel looked at me as though I was mad when I explained it. Quite, quite mad. Not only did she force me to shoot it, she point-blank refused to do her usual employee-ly duty and edit the thing afterwards. When she goes on strike like this I always worry that it is because the footage is unusable, which isn't sensible of me because it's very rarely that. (Ariel's idea of what is technically acceptable in a clip and mine diverge a bit- I'm quite a fan of leaving in ragged camera moves, fluffed focus pulls, and lush focus drifts for the right sort of film, which she hates. And she cannot see colour correction. Like, not at all.)

So as if often the case, I edited this one myself, but as is also often the case, I didn't do so for years after filming the thing because our schedule is so packed with urgent stuff to do like grading the next one-hour mega epic custom video which someone is actively waiting to pay us for. (Or, worse, has already paid us for).

Then I worry because our technique improves over the years... would the footage just look amateur? Fortunately, this was shot on the RED on our first long location trip with it, so technical quality was A-OK, complete with all those lovely "grunge film" touches that Ariel can't bear to leave in. My trepidation was totally unnecessary- the footage, like Scarlot, was stunning. Well, I think so anyway. See what you think!

11.11 minutes (360.5 MB zip)

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