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Samantha Bentley
Samantha Bentley: The Problem With Kidnapping

Snatching gorgeous heiress Samantha Bentley in the dead of night, just when she was sleeping alone, in her vast country house was indubitably a good idea. The gang's experience was that people were just more vulnerable, less likely to fight back, more confused and less feisty when grabbed in the small hours of the morning. It had worked over and over again, and each member of the gang had made plenty of money. But not enough, yet. The plan was that snatching Miss Bentley would change all that. Her devoted parents were bound to stump up whatever vast sum was demanded of them.

Miss Bentley, however, was problematic. It may have been 3am, but she was ready to fight, bite, claw the faces of her kidnappers, and generally make the whole thing way more difficult than anyone wanted. Fortunately, Julian (the most experienced of them all) had brought some chains and padlocks as a precaution. Which is how Samantha Bentley found herself being bundled over his shoulder, wrapped tightly in cold un-yielding chain, and taken speedily across her very own fields, thrown into the back of a van, and driven swiftly and ungently to the gang's hideout - a network of passages and caves deep below a derelict old house in the next county...

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