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Sammie B
Sammy Learns a Lesson

Sexy Sammy has just finished her game of tennis, and it is time for her lesson from her private tutor. But first she's got to get changed...

Sammy decides a flirty satin blouse, stockings and a tight black satin skirt are in order. After all, her tutor is very dishy... and she has a sneaky suspicion he is watching her from the bedroom while she gets changed!

French lessons are so boring, Sammy tried to spice them up with a little harmless flirting. But her tutor seemed to take it all wrong! He whipped out a pile of rope and tied her up on the bed! Now what sort of lesson is Sammy going to get? Whatever her tutor has planned for her, it isn't french homework! He's got her tied tight on the bed, but why is he removing her shoes??

The only thing left to do was to take off her shoes, tickle her feet, then gag her and leave her on the bed to learn her lesson!

(And yes, Sammy really is ticklish. VERY ticklish. A fact I will remember for our next shoot!)

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