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Charli in Black Silk

Please give a warm welcome to our newest model, Charli. These are her first bondage experience, and as I'm sure you'll agree it is always worth making the first experience memorable- and not too intense! So I always make sure that the very first set of bondage poses I do with someone are pretty easy, to reassure them. When you are working with such a spectacularly beautiful model, the last thing you want to do is to put her off working with you. Charli was fabulous to work with, because she naturally and easily moved around and found interesting poses. I even had to change the way I shoot. Usually I bounce around all over the room to get good angles of a nice pose. Charli kept turning to present another angle, just as I was moving the other way to capture it. Great minds think alike, so in the end I decided to let her do most of the work!

So OK, this may just be scarlet patent leather cuffs held together with snapits. But as a first step down the road to bondage stardom, I think it is a good one. There are over 800 images from our first shoot, and some pretty strict bondage to come. So don't worry, this is just a glimpse of the shape of things to come... a very delicious, black silken glimpse.

Well, the soft patent leather cuffs weren't too bad. She discovered that she could still move around, wiggle and look good. Not your average photographic assignment, but it's fun to do something different. She wasn't so sure when I added a rod between her ankle cuffs and her collar- that suddenly restricted her movement a bit more, but we didn't stick with that for too long. I wanted something with a lot of freedom but also quite tight. So out with the rope, wrists crossed behind her back and legs tight together. Now she could squirm, but she was most certainly not going anywhere until I let her!I like this, the most basic of all rope bondage ties. Ankles together, knees together, wrists together behind the back and a silk scarf to quieten any protests. She can wriggle, but if the knots at her wrists are carefully tied she will have great difficulty actually getting out or going anywhere... and those elegant black gloves also make it a lot harder to undo knots! Of course, left to her own devices she could probably have worked out the gag and got her teeth to bear on the knots around her knees. But the other nice thing about this tie is that the addition on one more little length of rope turns it into a nice tight hogtie, and then there is no way she is getting free, until we decide to let her go. Oh, maybe some girls are flexible enough to wriggle free eventually. But most aren't. How long do you think we should leave her like that? Enough time for a coffee? Or maybe for a movie?

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