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Ariel, Hannah & Sabrina: Kitchen Slaves

Keeping three slavegirls in your household sounds like a dream come true. Only with these three, it turned into a nightmare. As usual, Ariel was the loud one, always wanting to be made a special case and excused from duties as she was the resident slavegirl. Sabrina was quieter, but you just knew that most of the trouble came from her putting someone else up to something or egging them on (or even sabotaging their work...). And Hannah would just lose herself if she ever got near a mirror or a camera and the jobs wouldn't get done...

When I ordered them to get the kitchen sorted out for lunch, Ariel was supposed to take care ofthe cooking, Hannah do the dishes and Sabrina clean the place up. Sure, they were chained together, but with enough slack that a disciplined and well-trained slavegirl would have had no problem getting on with the job. But of course they somehow managed to trip over each other at every turn (or start lezzing it up instead of working).

I had to take matters into my own hand and dish out some discipline. Line up! Three bum offered up the riding crop...

I needed to teach these rebellious, lazy slavegirls a lesson! A dozen hard strokes of the riding crop across each of their three luscious bottoms seemed to wake them up, but didn't really perform the correct attitude adjustment. A dozen strokes of the crop on the soles of their bare feet made for much wailing but not many signs of contrition. So it would have to be twelve more strokes each- this time on the palms of their hands!

After administering corrective discipline with the riding crop, I left the girls to get on with their chores. Ariel to cook us all lunch, Sabrina to clean up and Hannah to do the washing up.

But it seemed they were more interested in blaming each other for the punishments than they were for getting the job done... I came back ten minutes later to find a full-blown catfight in progress! This was going to take some serious sorting out...

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