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Hannah - Bound on the Block

It was her first slave auction. She'd joined the club six months ago with her boyfriend, wanting to feel more like his slave, and had undergone the first level of training. Now she was on public display, bound of block, to be auctioned to the highest bidder!

Admittedly, only for the evening, but it was still enough to set her senses tingling with excitement and anticipation. Simon had proved to be a rather... limp and inadequate master, for all that it had been his idea to join in the first place. She was rather looking forward to a firmer... hand. And perhaps a good stiff something else!

She knew as a first timer at the auction she did not HAVE to reveal herself. But her breath was catching in her throat, the tide of excitement raised by the cool gaze of the stern men surrounding her... she was hot, physically and mentally, and she wanted to impress. She wanted to be bought, to be taken, to be used, to be made to serve.

It was, she kept reminding herself, only for fun. It was only for one night. It didn't mean anything. But she was bound on a slaver's block to be sold to the highest bidder, and it DID mean something!

She had heard rumours that as a slavegirl progressed within the club the auctions took on a darker and more... permanent character. There were even whispers of auctions for life, of unremovable collars, of tattoos of possession and even brands...

Tonight was just for one night. But every journey starts with the first step...

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