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Ariel – Hannah: Bondage Hotel

The Bondage Hotel. A fine, traditional establishment where guests can expect to be greeted in the traditional manner, by a bound slavegirl in irons chained to the front desk. The receptionist slave will take a note of your particulars and assign you to your room. A valet will fetch your cases for you, and you will find you room amply equipped for all forms of BDSM relaxation and enjoyment during your stay.

The restaurant is on the first floor and a strict dress-code applies- all slavegirls must be naked at dinner. The jaccuzis are equipped with chaining points, as are all the machines in our very well-equipped gym and fitness spa.

The staff will be pleased to assist you whatever your requirements may be. The management wishes to apologize for the recent recruitment of new maids, necessitated by our opening a second facility in Nassau. We had to send many of our more experienced staff as a cadre to build our new establishment. You may find some of the new girls a bit inexperienced in their duties. You will find manacles, chains, paddles, bits, bridles and the usual devices of "encouragement" installed in service points at the end of every corridor. Should your maid fail to deliver to the required standard we hope you will utilise these facilities.

Whilst the irons and punishment devices installed at each service point are there for your use, the management kindly requests that they only be utilised on the maid who maintains your corridor. The items are custom-made to fit each of the staff.

Furthermore, the management must insist that these items be used solely to correct poorly-performing staff and to encourage and educate them in the correct execution of their duties. Maids should not be retained within your rooms for longer than it takes them to perform their morning rounds and clean all items to your satisfaction. As a result of some newer guests abusing these facilities, the management may make a small charge for their misuse.

Should you require slavegirls for other purposes, you can of course request one from room service. Just dial 0.

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