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Hannah - Princess or Queen

She was definitely a Princess. Positively definitely absolutely a Princess. Her father was the King, that was quite clear. Her Mother, rest her soul, had been a Queen, obviously, because she was married to a King. So that made her a Princess. So why did the servants all refer to her as 'The Queen'? And in a tone of total contempt, rather than of respect? It was all a bit of a mystery to Edvard, who was looking forward to their wedding day with keen anticipation.

He was well-mannered and (of course) well-bred. Rich, naturally. But unlike your average hooray henry son of a decadent European noble house, Edvard was sharp. He listened to the servants, especially when they thought no-one could hear them. He wanted to know what to expect from his future wife. What he heard disturbed him somewhat.

She was called 'The Queen', he discovered, because of her propensity for overblown and ridiculous melodrama. It was short for 'The Drama Queen'.

Well, Edvard was not a man to tolerate such strife in his own house. His new wife would have to be shown from the very first how things were going to be. At the first hint of royal behaviour of the drama queen sort, as opposed to the royal princess sort, he would simply clap her in irons, chain her to the bed, and teach her a lesson!

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