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Hannah - Phone Service

These phones were supposed to be fixed yesterday! It is knocking-off time, I don't want to have to waste another bloody evening at the office waiting for some incompetent phone company BIMBO to fail to fix the bloody phones! Time is money, you know! What's that? It's the network? It takes time? It bloody shouldn't, they were all working on Wednesday, how come your lot haven't got it fixed yet? Don't you speak to me like that, I'm the owner of this bloody company and I don't need any lip from mouthy phone engineers! Oh for god's sake. I'll fix the phones myself. Let's keep you out of the way while I do it. Get on your knees and take what's coming to you! The customer is so mad at her failing to fix his phones that he's tied her up in the office... and the phone company is so mad at her for screwing up the exchange that they are probably going to fire her! And to add insult to injury as she's struggled around, her safety jacket has popped open and she's giving everyone a right eyefull! Not that the guy tying her up seems to mind, he's intent on grabbing a good handfull!

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