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Hannah and Sabrina - Lesbian Flames

The house was big and old and cold, but a roaring log fire in the sitting room soon raised the temperature so high that clothes become unbearable. Sabrina had planned this getaway for weeks and was leaving nothing to chance. Hannah may have thought that they were just in for a girly weekend away, but Sabrina had much more in mind than gossiping about potential boyfriends! She'd taken care to stock the kitchen with Hannah's favourite tipples, and plied her liberally all evening. The fire was so damn hot that she didn't need too much encouragement to strip down to her lingerie- and how interesting that they were a perfect match in scarlet! Crack open another bottle, and let's play a game of truth or dare... The first question Hannah asked was 'Do you fancy me?' And there was Sabrina thinking she might have to do ALL the running... turns out that Hannah had much more in mind that a little gossip, too! The die is cast, the forfeit paid, the flames are rising in each other's eyes even as they are dying in the embers of the untended log fire behind them... wrists and ankles bound together, Sabrina and Hannah cannot resist the touch of each other's skin…
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