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Hannah – Rock Chick

This is what Kate says about shooting this set: “This is one of my favourite sets from France! I wanted to shoot something totally glamourous, girly and sexy (so it was inevitable that pink was going to be involved!) I love the light coming through the frosted glass and Hannah totally got the look that I was after. I hope you enjoy the set as much as we enjoyed creating it!” “Thanks so much to Hywel for inviting me to France, and to Ariel, Sabrina and Hannah for providing such divine inspiration I had a ball! Now, when is the next trip???” Hannah, the feisty, funky rock chick, should have stopped drinking HOURS ago but she didn’t care. Hey, she still would be drinking now if that stupid jealous bitch hadn’t started scrapping with her in the toilets. Fair enough, Hannah had been snogging her bloke, but he wasn’t exactly fighting her off. Hannah was obviously supplying him with a little more than he was getting from her; Now she had no choice but to stand in the cold in the courtyard outside, horny as hell, playing with her cuffs and chains and hoping for some stud to pick her up and show her a good time!
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