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Hannah - At The Doors Of The Mansion

The venue- Restrained Elegance mansion. The mission - to get the world's most beautiful women in bondage.The prize - one million dollars to the sexiest slavegirl of the night. What will Hannah do to get her hands on the money? Hannah had scored highly, but not high enough to impress the judges. If she'd done her research, she would have known that all slavegirls at Restrained Elegance mansion have to be barefoot! The master of ceremonies corrects this little 'oversight' - and for good measure locks her wrists where they belong, behind her back. Now Hannah's giving it her all to get her hands on that million-dollar prize for sexiest slavegirl. Shame, you don't get a second chance... but no-one is telling her that... we want to see her gyrate her hips, waggle that pretty behind, caress those magnificent breasts- and all for nothing! God we are bastards sometimes... ...
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