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Hannah On The Staircase

Seemed like a pretty cool job. Big house, private party... minor celebs, spice up the evening a bit with a sexy lap-dance or two. Very cool job. Slinky black satin dress. Seamed black stockings. High heels. Check. Make a grand entrance- after all, someone might be there to discover her! Not celebs. Very rich people, for sure- Aston Martins and Morgans in the car-park, not nouveau riche bling Bentley Contis or loud Lambos. Met at the door by the hostess herself. Something about it being a 'special'. A centrepiece dance. She recognised the hostess... and her husband! They'd been to the lapdancing club a few times, checked out all the girls, paid really well. Apparently they'd chosen her- personally. From all the girls. Seen something they really liked, she said. Bit weird, but still a pretty cool job... and the money. Would ten thousand be alright? Ma'am, for ten thousand pounds for one night's work, I'm your girl! Eh? That's what you had in mind? What do you mean...? They had her drape herself over the staircase, the centrepiece at their kinky little masquerade. It was so weird, being the only person in the place not wearing a mask! They were quite right, it really did make her the centre of attention... and she had to admit... she was loving it! Even when the cuffs came out and they silently chained her, encouraged her to display herself arched over the stairs, breasts straining against black satin, or bent forward, thrusting provocatively against the wrought bannisters... it was a dance of a different kind, but it was still a dance, a display... and they had chosen well. She was the class act of the lap-dancing club, and she was too much of a natural show-off to be able to resist, even when the whips and chains came out and the dance turned to a darker beat...
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