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WPC Hannah In Trouble

They'd had a complaint from Mrs. Muckwistle at number 92 (again). Seems like this time the curtain-twitching old bat had seen lots of gorgeous girls going into that industrial unit across the road- and heard screams! Of course, a few computer checks found out it was a photo-studio... so the girls would be models, then. Still, the forms said that someone had to check it out.... desk sergeant asked around the shift to find someone about to go on the beat willing to waste a while snooping. WPC Smith jumped at the chance. She'd recognised the name of the photographer on the computer, and she had a good idea exactly what sort of photography was going on in there: BONDAGE! She thought if she timed it right she might even get to see some of those gorgeous girls tied up... of course, she could never admit it in the macho atmosphere of the police station, but WPC Smith was a submissive. A knock me down, tie me tight, hold me down and make me think of England submissive! She could hardly contain her excitement as she drove the panda car down to the industrial estate. What would she see inside? Would there be women hanging from the rafters? Sexual deviance of every kind...? She slipped in through the outer doors of the studio... peeked in through the inner doors. The scene which she spied was wilder than even her fevered sexual fantasies had prepared her for! But... oh no! He had seen her! She had to make it look good... she got out her cuffs ready to slap them on him... Of course, he was far too accomplished a dominant to be taken. In a trice the handcuffs were where they belonged- on WPC Smith's slender wrists. It was almost as though he could see into her mind and pluck the fantasy from her delirium as he locked her into more cuffs. She knew she should fight... but then she looked him in the eyes, and she was undone. She knew she was not getting out of here until her every bondage fantasy had been acted out! ...
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