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Hannah: Executive Relief

As VP in charge of foreign productions, Hannah didn't need to do much. Her staff were all overseas, and the veteran producers who ran the units didn't need some up-and-coming blonde with a chip on her shoulder telling them what to do. In theory she needed to take all the decisions on locations for the new films, but in reality that had all been signed, sealed and delivered before the green light. No, what VP Hannah did most of the day was amuse herself in her office. She amused herself bringing designers for clothes fittings, bringing stylists in for the latest look, bringing aspiring actors and actresses in for a spell on the casting couch... and on days like today where there was not much going on, she just laid back, sipped a martini, and let her fingers relieve a little tension between her legs... Oh SHIT! Mr. Karlsen, sir! Oh no, only too pleased to see the CEO himself down her in foreign productions, sir! What can I show you? Oh. You mean I can show you more of what I was just doing? Mr. KARLSEN! Are you hitting on me...? Where did you get those ropes...? Why Mr. Karlsen! Surely the CEO of the studios can't be having a dull day? Well, yes I was having a dull day sir, but all my staff are overseas and well... a girl gets lonely here in the office! Yeh of course there are stars and starlets, but not every day, you know? I mean surely there's the casting couch in your office too? No? You surprise me, Mr. Karlsen! You've got a bit of a reputation as a ladies' man, you know! Oh. I see. Not interested in dumb bitch small town wannabe actresses. Well... Mr. Karlsen... do you find executives more your type? Wait! What's that? No don't gag me... mmmmph!!!!! Y'fuckr wha ?
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