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Hannah & Sabrina - The Audition

It was a very good assignment. A thousand pounds for the shoot, cover of the magazine, regular shoots in exotic locations... is it surprising that Hannah and Sabrina were both absolutely determined to get the job?

The cattiness started the moment Hannah sat down. She looked Sabrina up and down and sneered. "Are you here for the audition?" asked Sabrina. "Oh, are YOU here for that too?" Hannah replied, her tone stagily surprised that Sabrina could POSSIBLY consider herself for the same job... and it all went a bit downhill from there!

The director was having none of it. Yesterday he'd lost nearly three hours clearing the place up from the results of another bloody model catfight, so this time he knew exactly what to do. A bunch of ropes, a few burly roadies, and bingo! Model tranquility. Sort of. That would at least let him cast the girl before these two... and if they were really going at in hammer and tongs, they'd hardly be the sort to help each other escape, now would they?

Photos by Kate

The director and the roadies had gone off to see the screen-test of whoever that bitch was who was up before Sabrina and Hannah. "Get me out of here, and I'll let you out!" Sabrina promised. "If you promise to put in a good word for me if you get the job..." said Hannah. "Deal!" said Sabrina, and the two got to work untying the knots. In about ten minutes they'd just about got free.

"Hmmmm. Hang on a minute..." purred Sabrina, as she unwrapped the rope from Hannah's wrists. "I think I've got a better idea. I like the way you look, tied up that. How about I make you my bitch? Get on your knees, right now!"

And somewhat to her own surprise, Hannah obeyed.

Photos by Kate

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