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Claire Malone
Belle and Claire Barefoot in Ballgowns

It was a simple visual idea- two gorgeous blondes, each wearing a sexy long ballgown, barefoot... tied back to back. Yum! You know, girls, if you worked together instead of bickering with each other all the time, you could get out of those ropes! The look on their faces was a picture- the idea had never even occurred to them! "I'll race you! Last one out's a rotten banana!" shouted Belle. I had to laugh. Not quite the spirit of co-operation I had intended to engender! Belle lost no time in getting her fingers down to her ankles, fighting Claire the whole time. She's had a bit more practice I suppose so it didn't take her very long to unpick the knot enough to slip her slender ankles free of the rope. Claire wasn't having any of it though, she forced her hands around (and at one point you can see she's almost dislocating Belle's shoulder as they fought to get free). Which girl won? It's a photo finish- both girls claiming they had got out first! It is up to you- which one do you think won, and which one was the rotten banana?....
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