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Ruby - Maid Duties

Even I have to admit it seems a harsh to give duties to a new model who has never, ever even been tied up before. But Ruby and Honey shared a car to the studio together for their test shoots, so Ruby was hanging around while Hony and I shot. Ruby seemed to go in raptures at the sight of all the costumes in the store-room. Well, if you will insist on dressing up like a maid, you really OUGHT to expect to be given some maid duties, oughtn't you? And if you don't do them to my satisfaction, you ought to expect to be tied to the chair in reverse prayer for a punishment, oughtn't you? I've already nominated Michelle Monroe for the 'having the most fun on her test shoot' award, but I think Ruby and Honey run her quite close. I think Ruby deserves the 'did the most over-the-top bondage stuff for her very first bondage shoot' award, though, what with reverse prayer for her first tie and a semi-suspension which turned into a full suspension just a few& minutes later!
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